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Initial Coin Offerings – Token Sales – Crowdsales – Blockchain Startups – Cryptocurrency Design – Token Design – Marketing – Social Media Management – Bounty Programmes (Social, Code Bugs, Editorial) – Signature Campaigns – Translation – Legal – Advisory Services – Escrow Services – PR and Communcations – Pre-ICO Capital – Code Audits – Domicile and Legal – Platform and Protocol – Community Building

ICO Development

We can take your idea from start to finish or à la carte – where you can select part of our offerings to help take your ICO to the next level. Our global team hss extensive experience in Blockchain technology, startups and ICO architecture.

ICO Marketing

We are experts in marketing and as owners of leading Industry publication Blockchain News we have easy reach to both the cryptocommunity and the nascent B2B sector working towards Blockchain.

Community Building

Community building is not an art, it’s hard work… it’s being there to respond, and responding with clarity and pre-planned answers.

How We Work

The first step in engaging our team is to fill out this form which will help us understand your needs and how we can best help you reach your goals. We prefer that this process be followed first rather than email or cold calling as it will help us greatly with the initial conversation.

Distributed team

Our team is peppered across the globe from China to India, USA to Europe and we are very used to working remotely. With Skype, Google Docs, Slack and other online technologies.


From Academic to Enterprise… Open Source to Cryptocredibility – our team come from many walks of life. We are all innovators with strong track records in the startup and Blockchain sectors.


Creativity is key. Our group is populated with smart, cutting-edge thinkers who have experience in finding the most creative solutions to some of the most complex business problems.


Our network is the backbone of our organisation. We have top level contacts in government, academia, media, and the cryptocommunity – and geographically we can access the highest levels in USA, Canada, China, India and most of Europe.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We are a horizontal organisation.


















Social Media Director

We want to change
the world

We believe that token assets have the potential to help rewrite the way we organise ourselves in society and can improve the lives of many on the planet. From providing fuel for the humanitarian movement – liftting people out of poverty – to helping address some of the critical environmental problems we face today – Blockchain is a game changer.
There will be new business paradigms that will revolutionise the way we trade which will address new forms of value and we believe that liquidity creation via digital assets is a paradigm shift that will change the world. Our focus is working on projects which have significant social impact.

Token Exchanges and Digital Assets for Social & Economic Good

by Dr. John Clippinger

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and digital assets has also introduced a new kind of highly mutable asset class that can “shape shift” into any kind or combination of assets depending upon data driven criteria that are overseen – autonomously by “smart contracts”. It has forever transformed global finance and the role of central, commercial, investment, merchant and retail banks and transformed currency and commodity exchanges by fundamentally changing how assets of any kind are verified, valued, priced, and exchanged.


We Are Here For You

End to End ICO Management – Token Design – Marketing – Social Media Management – Bounty Programmes (Social, Code, Bugs, Editorial) – Signature Campaigns – Translation Bounties – Legal – Advisory Services – Escrow Services – PR and Communications – Pre-ICO Reserves – Code Audits – Platform and Protocol – Whitepaper Analysis and Editing – Community Building

End to End ICO Management

The total package

From A to Z

We do it all… taking your concept from scratch and run it right through to success. We start with concept and work right through to team formation and drive you to a successful ICO.

Token Design

Do the math

Jake Vartarian is our resident token designer and our team has the ability to design tokens that have utility value, are beneficial to both token buyers and end users of the coin, are stable and have longevity.


Reach the people

We have ample experience in both traditional and cryptocommunity marketing across the board. As proprietors of Blockchain News, a popular portal for ICOs and Blockchain intelligence, we have a strong and direct channel to all parts of the market.

Social Media Management

Catch the crowd

With Dwght Sproull leading the social media strategy we have a wealth of experience on hand for running cryptocurrency-based social campaigns.We get where we need to be on social media from Facebook to Twitter.

Bounty Programmes (Social, Code Bugs, Editorial)

The secret sauce

Because we create liquidity, we can also pre-allocate tokens to crowdsourcing critical parts of the marketing and protocol analysis by rewarding the community for bringing projects to life. Work for future tokens that have real liquidity and value – it’s a simple idea, but it’s a revolutionary one.

Signature Campaigns

Bitcoin Talk Forums

Bitcoin Talk is Grand Central Station for ICOs. It’s where it all started and still, to this day, where ICOs are made or broken. Thought leaders in the community will carry your work in their signatures on every post they make in return for future tokens.

Translation Bounties


From English to Chinese, Indonesian, French German, Spanish and more. We offer tokens to translators to help craft the message in many of the world’s languages in order to get your message across to a maximum audience of ICO participants.

Domicile and Legal

Or illegal?

There are only a few countries in the world that have regulatory frameworks in place to deal with token sales. We know who they are and we have the right contacts. Depending on your needs we can offer best solutions for ensuring you do it all above board.

Advisory Services


Most of our team are sitting on various startups advisory boards adding value and credibility to the right projects they feel comfortable with. We have others in our network also that can fill various functions from tech to marketing, strategy and network value.

Escrow Services

Where the money?

We also provide escrow services to ICOs that want to have the funds held by a reputable group until after the ICO – vested and doled out according to pre-defined rules and vesting plans.

PR and Communcations

The medium is the message

From mainstream media to the crypto media – we have the contacts and network partners to take your project to the masses. We are expert communicators with published articles in Harvard Business Review, Venturebeat, The Guardian, Wired and much more.

Pre-ICO Reserves

Make it happen

ICOs cost money. And we can help you with access to pre-ICO participants to make the ICO a comfortable reality rather than a bootstrapped mess.

Code Audits

Hack the math

Code audits are a key request from the cryptocommunity when it comes to ICOs. We have access to well-known, top developers who can provide hard nose and detailed analysis of your code and give it the stamp of approval it needs.

Platform and Protocol

Fire up the engines

Every ICO needs a brilliant platform with great smart contract and a wallet system to ensure that the payment and distribution systems are solid. We have a number of options and partners across the globe offering a vaiety of solutions which we can fit to your project.

Whitepaper Analysis and Editing

The Holy Book

Whitepapers are the backbone of every ICO. Part pitch, part math and part strategy and concept, a well-written whitepaper versus a typo, grammar cacophony of words and bad math can make the difference pulling in ten million dollars over five million or less.

Community Building

Creating a village

Community building is a key aspect of well constructed ICOs. With our extensive network we are able to seed communities which creates the most powerful growth hack that a project needs to succeed.

We Are StrategistsWe Are WritersWe Are CreativesWe Are Game ChangersWe Are Futurists

— The best way to predict the future is to create it —

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

We have worked on over ten ICOs with more in the current pipeline. Experience matters. And we have it.


Here’s how it works

Our process starts with a form. We ask all interested potential clients to fill out this form in order that we can better kick off our first conversations with clarity and direction. From there we take the following steps.


Is your project viable? Does the coin have utility value? After a vetting process we start with research – taking a look at all aspects of your ICO.


We develop a strategy to execute the ICO, looking at all aspects of the project. Who is your audience? Who are your investors? What is the brand message?


We then put the plan into action and organise our team and network partners to best kickstart the strategy in place with a solid plan.

Go Live!

The plans are executed by a variety of internal and external partners and we start selling tokens to participants in the ICO. With community building we take it to the next level.


Our writings have been published across many publications.
Blockchain News
Online Publication Covering Blockchain, ICOs, Crowdsales, Token Sales etc.

We are the publishers of Blockchain News which reaches over 80,000 people per month across the world and is an official Google News source. With news, opinion, video, podcasts, top 100 list, PDF library and more this is one of the most extensive sites on the web for Blockchain technology. READ MORE…

Harvard Business Review
What Initial Coin Offerings Are, and Why VC Firms Care

Here’s how an ICO typically works: A new cryptocurrency is created on a protocol such as Counterparty, Ethereum, or Openledger, and a value is arbitrarily determined by the startup team behind the ICO based on what they think the network is worth at its current stage. READ MORE…

Global blockchain innovation: U.S. lags, Europe and China lead

While Singapore and Switzerland are starting to swing open the doors as the only two jurisdictions in the world where tokens are treated as an asset and not as a security, the SEC is dragging its heels, which is not good for American innovators who want to raise funds using these unique financial instruments or for Europeans and Asians who want to open up to U.S. investors. READ MORE…


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